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The most popular parts processing technology in tw

MIM(Metal Injection Molding)Is a new metal parts net forming processing technology, which is a new and high technology development in the field of powder metallurgy and industry in recent years.

Product features:

1. The MIM parts geometry of the high degree of freedom, a molding to produce complex shaped metal parts, weight control in 0.1~200g

2. The finish is good, the surface roughness can reach Ra 0.8~1.6um, high precision (+ 0.1%~ + 0.3%), generally without the need for subsequent processing.

3. The uniform density, relative density of machine processing products up to 95%~99%. Product strength, hardness, elongation and other mechanical properties, such as high mechanical properties, good wear resistance, fatigue resistance, uniform organization.

4. The consistency of product performance, especially suitable for large batch production, low cost and short delivery cycle.