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MIM Technology


     Metal powder injection molding (MIM), a type of molding technology integrating with the advantages of both the plastic injection molding and the conventional powder metallurgy, has been developed into an important part of powder metallurgy at a steady growing pace.

     This process mixes the superfine metal powder with polymer binders, and produces the liquid injection materials after heating, then processed in the injection molding. The formed product is then degreased and sintered (densification) into the finished product.

    MIM procedure can be used to produce a large number of precise complex 3D small parts with automatic production. It greatly reduces the complexity of traditional metal processing procedures and costs, therefore becoming popular due to its distinct competitive advantages, and has been widely used in the industries of machinery, electronics, automotive, clock, photoelectric, weapons, medical equipment and other areas.

     MIM was started in the late 1970s; the process includes 8 steps, production design, model design, quality inspection, mixing, injection, degreasing, sintering, and secondary processing etc. With the advanced development of new bonders, along with powder production and decreasing process, in the early 1990s, MIM realized industrialization. Today, MIM is honored as one of the most popular metal component forming technology worldwide.