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Manufacturing capacity

  MIMO spread over 13000 square meters, including office area and workshop. The office area houses our capability of engineering management, product design, and project management. Our workshop houses our capability of manufacturing process, including tooling, debinding, batch vacuum, continuous sintering capability and secondary processing.


  MIMO is capable of manufacturing our own MIM feedstock. Precise and error-proofed batch preparation of powders and binders are done in a well-controlled environment. Both batch and continuous compounding equipment is used to process the mixture into a consistent, high quality feedstock. The whole process and semi-finished products are continuously monitored.


  We have the latest and most precise injection molding machine. Our molding machine realized better quality and well controlled process. In addition, for the thin-walled products, our machine could maintain high stability in the operations of fast-shooting in a massive production.

Debinding and Sintering

  The suitable solvent-thermal debinding and sintering

processes were established.Our vacuum furnaces maintain precise temperature control using various process gasses that allows for the flexibility to process a wide variety of alloys.Our continuous sintering capability provides for efficient processing of high production volume products.

Material and product testing facility

  MIMO has modern and well equipped quality control department. Our lab is equipped for visual detection system, measuring instrument, scanner, and surface roughness testing equipment. We use UV spectrometer, current meter technology to detect the nature of the materials.