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Quality system

1.Focus on customer

  The organization depends on the customer, so the organization should understand the current and future needs of the customer to meet customer requirements and exceed their expectations.

2. Leading role

  Leaders unite the purpose, direction and internal environment of the organization, and create an environment that allows employees to fully participate in the organization's goals. 80% quality problems and management related, 20% with the staff.

3. Full participation

  Employees at all levels are the survival and development of the organization, only their full participation, in order to make it to the organization to bring the best benefits. Job responsibilities include all employees (from the general manager to the grass-roots staff).

4. Process method

  The relevant resources and activities as a process of management, can be more efficient to achieve the desired results. Flow chart method.

5.System approach to management

  To identify, understand and manage a system composed of interrelated processes, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization. The wooden barrel principle coaming.

6.Continuous improvement

  Is an eternal goal of the development of the organization. PDCA cycle.

7.Decision making method based on fact:

  Logical analysis or judgment of data and information is the basis of effective decision making. Speak with data and facts.

8. Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

  Through mutually beneficial relations, enhance the ability of the organization and its suppliers to create value.